What is a MPH Degree?

What is a MPH Degree?A public health degree is a multi-disciplinary master’s degree that prepares graduates for a career in public health leadership. MPH programs prepare students for a variety of careers, including those in health care. A Master of Public Health is a valuable asset for any company in the health care field. Many professionals complete online MPH programs to improve employability; other professionals may complete MPH program at a local medical school.

Many people seeking MPH degrees already have other Master’s degrees. In a MPH program, students learn about biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health, health policy, health administration, social and behavioral sciences.

How to Find the Top MPH Degree Programs

Students may find visiting school rating websites very helpful while looking for the best MPH degree program. US News and other sites publish lists of the best online MPH programs each year. This list may be especially helpful for distance learners looking for top schools.

Getting into the best Masters in Public Health begins with one’s undergraduate studies: students with a variety of majors can get a MPH, but most programs recommend a strong background in health sciences. Harvard, an accredited institution, offers a Masters in Public Health degree. Kaplan University offers online MPH Programs, ideal for distance learners. Top schools offer some of the best online MPH programs for learners. The best programs offer small class sizes, highly educated teachers, lots of opportunities for experience for students and associations with public health agencies, such as the NIH.

Careers and Salaries for Individuals with an MPH Degree

MPH salaries vary from state to state. The mean MPH salary is $61,000, although reported salaries range from $30,000 to $130,000. People with MPH degrees may work in Health Services Administration, a position that offers many management opportunities. They also may work in biostatistics, health education, clinical research or nutrition.

People with MPH degrees experience a lot of personal satisfaction knowing that the work they do each day improves the lives of Americans. They find that their career development has been improved by the completion of their MPH degree. They now have many opportunities to work in a variety of fields that may not have been open to them before they completed their MPH.